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Shrenzo Career plays a key role in sourcing talent from the massive applicant pool that precisely matches their client’s description. In doing so, we also prove beneficial to the work seekers. While searching for the simplest match for our client's need, we help the work-seeker find better employment opportunities, improving CV, polishing skill sets through professional training. Advising On Career Opportunities: One of the most important benefits of “Shrenzo Career” to employment seekers is that the unparalleled advice the consultants can give on career opportunities. We analyze the qualification, experience, skills, and requirements of the candidates and advise them on various career opportunities that their clients are offering. We can also act as career counselors as we assist the work seekers to find an alternate career path that might be more beneficial for them in the future. We study the interests and preferences of the candidates to return up with brighter opportunities within the desired industry.

Training The Candidates:

We are hired by various companies to satisfy their manpower needs. Our consultants fish out the simplest talent from the massive applicant pool and supply them with the required training to make sure they're ideal for the position that they're being selected. We groom the candidates, work on their skill sets, and even prepare them for the interview process to make sure that they're perfect for the role. By doing so, we increase the probabilities of the candidate getting the work.

Negotiating With Clients:

Another benefit that the work seekers can avail by getting the services from us is quick negotiation. As we've tie-ups with the client companies that they're forwarding the candidature, it's easier for the work seekers to barter a far better package. The work seekers don't need to directly negotiate with the recruiters or employers. They will discuss their issues and terms with us, who would, in turn, negotiate the term with their client company. Thus, we help the work seekers in recuperating job packages.

Enhancing The Resume:

The resume is that the first impression that the work seekers sew his/her potential employer. This tiny piece of paper must have all the crucial information alongside some points that grasp the moment's attention of the interviewer. We study the candidate profiles and help them in enhancing their resume. we all know all the nitty-gritty of resume search and enrich the resume with the required keywords which will help the candidates get screened more easily by the automated screening systems. So we help in enhancing the resume visibility through different tricks so that the resume appeals to the interviews within the very first go.

Matching Specific Candidate Needs With Suitable Companies:

It's the core function of Shrenzo Career to match the candidates with the work openings in several companies. We also determine the candidate profile and private strength to return up with alternative options supported by the precise need that the work-seeker has put forth.

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We provide first-class, professional recruitment solutions to the clients and candidates that we work with on a day today.

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Looking for a digital marketing job? Want the simplest IT role? Need an excellent HR or Admin job? Choosing Shrenzo Career to support your job search will make sure you have a positive candidate experience at every step of your journey.
No matter what role you’re trying to find, Shrenzo Career can assist you. Whether it’s a short-term temporary role, a fixed-term contract, or an incredible long-term career opportunity, we provide a good range of jobs throughout Karnataka and beyond.
We work with a various range of companies, from large multinationals to independent startups, so we've got a network of companies we will contact to seek out the foremost suitable career opportunities on your behalf.
In an ever-evolving job market where many skills currently briefly supply, we appreciate that companies are trying to find far more than simply a basic service offering from a recruitment partner. We now specialize in providing a multidiscipline service and a partnership-led approach with our clients, candidates, and contractors. We attempt to deliver an exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint; from the primary email or call, to the successful applicant starting their new job.

Specialists in:

  • Digital marketing
  • IT & Telecom
  • HR & Admin
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Personality management
  • Leadership/Strategy
  • Executive MBA
  • ITI/Diploma