Shrenzocareers is associated with many established companies and is frequently updated with the list of vacancies in those companies. Candidates can register their resumes on our portal with detailed information about their job skills, education, and experience as well as personal information. Once the candidates upload their resumes on our portal, we compare the efficiency of the candidates to the recruitment criteria of the companies. When both the efficiency matches with the criteria, we refer the candidates’ resume to the recruiters.

Corporate Institution & Training:

Shrenzocareers offer good career guidance services to candidates. We are associated with numerous acclaimed institutions that provide training for various professional courses, certifications and job skills. Candidates of different educational backgrounds and interests can make use of this service to get themselves better accustomed to all types of necessary job skill sets. We guide the candidates to get trained in their respective fields based on their educational qualifications and priorities including software, human resource management, hotel management, marketing, finance and many more.

Negotiating With Clients:

Another benefit that the work seekers can avail by getting the services from us is quick negotiation. As we've tie-ups with the client companies that they're forwarding the candidature, it's easier for the work seekers to barter a far better package. The work seekers don't need to directly negotiate with the recruiters or employers. They will discuss their issues and terms with us, who would, in turn, negotiate the term with their client company. Thus, we help the work seekers in recuperating job packages.

Career Advice:

Choosing the correct career after completing their education is a strenuous and a very important decision for a candidate to make. Candidates are often stuck in a dilemma about the decision should they make and what does the future hold for them. Shrenzocareers help those candidates to make those decisions. We offer advice on a wide range of topics including CV templates, job skills required, professional certifications, communication skills, interview preparation, negotiation skills, salary tips and more. This helps the candidates in charting their career path in a more professional way and helps in their future endeavours.